American Green Card Holder Denied Haj Visa

October 15th 2014 / Pilgrim Stories

A US pilgrim writes explaining how his hopes for going for Haj this year were shattered due to the new passport scanner system.

I applied for Haj through an operator in New York in August 2014 and paid in full before the operator gave my passport and other details to the Saudi Consulate in New York for a Haj visa. My passport was returned with the information that Green Card holders would not be getting Haj visas as the passport scanner cannot read etc.

Another operator later resubmitted my passport along with 15 others; 12 received their visas except three, which included me. I went to New York from Chicago hoping to get the visa at the last moment which did not happen. There are no stamps in my passport from the Saudi Consulate; it is as if I had never applied for the Haj visa.

There was no Hajj visa system before 1932.

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