Electricity to be cut off from Madinah homes as part of Haram Expansion

October 22nd 2014 / Destruction of Holy Sites

Authorities in Madinah are to disconnect power from properties that have been earmarked for demolition as part of the first stage of the Madinah Haram expansion on Saturday.


Ongoing construction towards the west of the Haram adjacent to Baqi in the background

Posters and stickers informing occupants who have still not evacuated their homes and businesses have been placed on buildings telling them that their electricity will be disconnected on Saturday.

Saudi newspapers say that the residents were given a deadline to empty their homes in the Banu Zafar (al-Awali), al-Atan, Banu Mu’awiyah (al-Ijabah) and Banu Abdulashal (al-Shaman) areas of Madinah. These areas are to be demolished as part of the first stage in expanding the Haram.

Owners of properties, according to Saudi newspapers, are being compensated. The authorities have so far spent four billion Saudi riyals in purchasing properties for the expansion.

Image courtesy of almiskeenah.com

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