Haj Pilgrim Upset at Radical Zamzam Resitrctions

November 3rd 2014 / News

A Haj pilgrim writes into Haj and Umrah Complaints about the difficulties experienced in bringing Zamzam home from Saudi Arabia.

I travelled to Haj this year and I experienced problems bringing my 10 litre Zamzam back. When I left from England I was advised that Saudi Airlines allows 10 litres of Zamzam in addition to my luggage allowance. This information I gathered from the airline’s website.

On my way back, suddenly they tell me at the airport that I can only take 5 litres and I should leave my 10 litre bottle and purchase a new one from the airport. I was really disappointed. I was expecting many visitors who wanted to drink Zamzam and it just would not be possible with 5 litres and I do not want to turn visitors away without the main reason for their visit.

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