Haj Uncertainties of North American Pilgrims Due to New Scanners

September 22nd 2014 / News

A pilgrim from Canada writes into HUC expressing concern that he might not be able to go on the annual Haj pilgrimage. Read below for further details.


My wife and I dreamt of going on Hajj, prayed for it and worked on accumulating funds for it for a year. I saved up all my work holidays of 3 weeks, didn’t take days off throughout the year and now that we are scheduled to fly out in 7 days, the travel agent called me to let me know that Saudi’s new passport scanner is not able to read passports of Indian origin and that we should be prepared for not going on Hajj? I am a permanent resident of Canada and an Indian passport holder and my wife is an American passport holder. We did everything ahead of time, but don’t understand the reasoning behind this new passport scanner being installed which is not reading people’s passports? The only explanation I have is that Allah SWT has power over everything and we are not invited to His house this year.


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