Masjid al-Fadhikh – A Prophetic Mosque That No Longer Exists

November 11th 2014 / Destruction of Holy Sites

Masjid Al-Fadhikh is also known as Masjid Banu al-Nadhir. It is one of the places where the Prophet (pbuh) set up his tent when besieging the Banu al-Nadhir. The Prophet (pbuh) performed Salah at this place for six nights during the Banu al-Nadhir siege in Rabi al-Awwal 4 AH.

The verses of the Quran relating to the prohibition of wine were also revealed to the Prophet (pbuh) at this location. It was then that those who had wine with them spilt their caskets and bottles, as mentioned in a hadith narrated by Jabir ibn ‘Abdullah. It is because of this that this mosque is known as Masjid al-Fadhikh. Fadhikh in Arabic is the name for the juice extracted from grapes and also the name given to a beverage prepared from full-grown unripe dates.

It can be understood from the hadith of Jabir ibn ‘Abdullah that the original mosque was built in Jabir’s time. This mosque used to be situated 1km towards the east of Masjid al-Quba and 3.5 km from the Haram. The mosque also used to be known as Masjid al-Shams as some say this is the place where the sun returned to its place after setting for ‘Ali (ra) to offer his ‘Asar prayer, as narrated in the hadith by Asma bint Umais.

The mosque is no more and its approximate location on Google Maps is: 24.438394, 39.624033

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