Masjid al-Ijabah in Madinah to be demolished

October 27th 2014 / Destruction of Holy Sites

A historic mosque in Madinah where the Prophet (pbuh) prayed is to be demolished as part of the first stage of the latest Madinah Haram extension.

Masjid al-Ijabah (also known as Masjid Banu Mu’awiyah ibn al-Aws) is to be demolished and had its electricity supply disconnected on Saturday (25 October 2014) along with other buildings that are to be demolished in the first stage of the Madinah Haram extension.

The mosque was built in the early days of Islam among the homes of the Banu Mu’awiyah; it is situated to the north of Jannat al-Baqi, northeast of the Prophet’s Mosque, on Sittin Road. The mosque was renovated in 1418 AH during the rule of King Fahd ibn Abdul Aziz.

Historians in Madinah, according to the Makkah newspaper, have called on the authorities to—on demolishing the mosque—at least note the location of the mosque with signs in order to preserve the holy city’s heritage.

The mosque has been mentioned in numerous hadiths. Imam Malik narrated in his Muwatta from Abdullah ibn Jabir bin Atik that ‘Abdullah ibn Umar came to Banu Mu’awiyah and asked: “Do you know where the Prophet (pbuh) prayed in this mosque of yours?” Abdullah ibn Jabir replied yes and indicated towards to a corner of the mosque.

There is another hadith in Sahih Muslim in which the Prophet (pbuh) was returning from the area known al-Aliyah and passed the Masjid of Banu Mu’awiyah which he entered and performed two rakah. The Banu Mu’awiyah also prayed with him and the Prophet (pbuh) supplicated for a lengthy time. He mentioned that he asked Allah for three things but was withheld one. He asked Allah that his Ummah should not be destroyed by famine and drowning, which he was granted. He also asked Allah that there be no bloodshed among the Ummah, but he was not granted this.

The mosque has been mentioned in several books on the history of Madinah – Wafa al-Wafa, ‘Umdata al-Akhbar, al-Tuhfah al-atifah fi Tarikh al-Madinah al-Sharifah. Its geographic location according to Google Maps is 24.472064, 39.618518.


مسجد الاجابة 64 Majid al-Ijabah مسجد_الاجابة



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