Masjid Banu Unayf in Madinah

November 4th 2014 / Destruction of Holy Sites

Masjid Banu Unayf is also known as Masjid Musbah (The Mosque of the Morning) as the Prophet (pbuh) prayed the morning prayer here when he first arrived in Quba from Makkah during the Hijrah. The Banu Unayf is a tribe who had sworn allegiance to the tribe of Banu ‘Amr ibn ‘Awf, a sub-tribe of Al-Aws.

The mosque is situated towards the west of the Quba area and 386 meters south-west of Masjid Quba. The Prophet (pbuh) also offered his prayers here when he visited the area to see Talha ibn al-Barra in his final illness. The Banu Unayf, as a result, remembered this place and would sprinkle water there; they eventually built a mosque at this location. Historians have mentioned that the mosque did not have a roof. It is currently in a very dilapidated situation and requires the concern of the authorities. The location of this mosque on Google Maps is: 24.435685, 39.615405

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