Pillar Depicting Home of Umm Hani Destroyed in Makkah

December 4th 2014 / Destruction of Holy Sites

B3ZXUaLIMAAyI7uThe picture to the left shows an octagonal stone pillar situated in the Ottoman/Turkish Haram a few steps from the Mataf towards the King Abdulaziz Gate side. This pillar—which is different to the ones around it—is said to be the location of the Umm Hani’s home, the home from which, according to some Ulama, the Prophet (pbuh) embarked on his night journey of Isra and Miraj from Makkah to Jerusalem and then up to the heavens and back.

This entire area has been earmarked for demolishing as part of the Haram expansion. This pillar and many others—some dating from the Mamluk period—will be demolished along with the Ottoman-built portico, a masterpiece built by the famed Ottoman architect Sinan. Though Umm Hani’s original house ceased to exist, there are no markings telling pilgrims where this house once stood. With the demolishing of the Ottoman portico and the octagonal pillar, there is nothing left to indicate what once stood here.

Umm Hani’s full name was Fakhita and she was the daughter of Abu Talib, the Prophet’s uncle. Allah mentions the night journey in Sura al-Isra/Sura Bani Israil: “Glory be to the One who took His Slave for a journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to the furthest Mosque, whose precincts we have blessed. “ [17:1] Other Ulama are of the view that the Prophet spent the night at Umm Hani’s home and then rose, entered the Haram and then embarked on his miraculous journey.




Destruction of the Ottoman portico a couple of weeks ago as part of the Haram expansion. This picture is of the part where Umm Hani’s home once stood.


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