Rubbish Strewn Around Foot of Jabal al-Nour

November 11th 2014 / Destruction of Holy Sites

While countries across the globe spend their time and resources on protecting and preserving their historic and religious sites, the situation is different in Saudi Arabia.

Pilgrims who recently visited Jabal al-Nur (Mountain of Light)—the blessed mountain which is home to the Cave of Hira where the Prophet (pbuh) received his first revelation via the angle Jibrail—were left appalled to find rubbish strewn around the foot of the mountain. Jabal al-Nur, situated in Makkah, is a popular pilgrim attraction because of its tremendous significance for Muslims throughout the world. The Prophet (pbuh) spent a great deal of time in this cave meditating and in seclusion.

It is an affront to the sanctity of these holy sites that they are neglected in this way allowing rubbish to accumulate like this. Though visiting the mountain or cave is not an integral part of pilgrimage, many Muslims will undertake the journey to visit the place where it all began.

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