The Masjid of Banu Waqif in Madinah

November 4th 2014 / Destruction of Holy Sites

The Masjid of Banu Waqif is situated within the ruins of the Fort of Banu Waqif in Madinah. Historians mention that the Prophet (pbuh) prayed at this mosque. The fort is situated around 4 km to the south of the Haram and half a km south east of Masjid Quba. The remains of this fort remain standing and local people today refer to it as the Fort of Bin Mudhyan (Hisn Bin Mudhyan). The famous historian al-Samhudi mentioned that the Prophet (pbuh) prayed at the Mosque of Banu Waqif. It is mentioned in Wafa al-Wafa bi Akhbar Dar al-Mustafa that this was the neighbourhood in which was located the house of Hilal bin Umayyah al-Waqfi, one of the three true Muslims who remained behind from joining the Tabuk Expedition and was boycotted and then forgiven after a verse of the Holy Quran was revealed. According to people in Madinah the Fort of Banu Waqif has now been earmarked for demolishing and the old mosque (as can be seen from the pictures below) is derelict. The location of the entire fort on Google Maps is: 24.436017, 39.620000

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The remains of the Mosque of Banu Waqif.


















Rubbish can be seen strewn within the remains of the old fort.


More rubbish in the remains of the old fort.


Madinah was home to numerous forts in the time of the Prophet.


More remains of the old fort of Banu Waqif.


Further remains of the fort.




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