The Mosque of ‘Utban bin Malik (RA) in Madinah

October 14th 2014 / Destruction of Holy Sites

‘Utban bin Malik (RA) was a Companion of the Prophet (pbuh) and a veteran of Badr. It is mentioned in the book Wafa al-Wafa bi Akhbar Dar al-Musata that ‘Utban became blind and mentioned to the Prophet (pbuh) that flood waters, during the rainy season, prevent him from offering Salah in the local mosque. He thus requested the Prophet (pbuh) to visit his home and pray at a place where he could then offer prayer. The Prophet (pbuh) visited him the next day and offered two rak’ah of prayer. A mosque was later built at his home, which is situated in the area of Madinah currently known as Al-Jumuah. The mosque is in dire disrepair as the pictures below show. The location of this mosque is along Prince Abdul Majeed Road, opposite Masjid Jumua and next to the Al-Qaswa al-Ahliyyah School, a stone throw away from Quba Road.

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The Mosque of ‘Utban bin Malik as it stands today

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The Mosque of ‘Utban bin Malik as it used to be some years ago

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