The Orchard of Salman al-Farsi – Neglected and Needing Preservation

November 12th 2014 / Destruction of Holy Sites

The Orchard of Salman al-Farsi (ra), the great Companion of the Prophet (pbuh), still exists in Madinah but is in dire need of preservation as a historical site of Islam. This was the orchard in which Salman toiled as a slave when the Prophet (pbuh) first arrived in Madinah. This site is also known as al-Mithab and is one of the several endowments (waqf) of the Prophet (pbuh). It is mentioned that the Prophet (pbuh) inherited seven orchards from Mukhayriq, a Jewish rabbi who fought and died for the Muslims in the Battle of Uhud, and that this was one of those.

The books of Sirah mention that the Prophet (pbuh) planted 300 date trees in this orchard with his blessed hands as part of the payment to free Salman from bondage. According to the local people of Madinah, the date trees that the Prophet (pbuh) planted still existed until a few years ago. These trees were, sadly, torn down a few years ago for some unknown reason.

The orchard is located close to Masjid al-Quba and is in dire need of preservation as an important site from the Prophet’s time. It also has a well from the time of the Prophet (pbuh) and the ruins of a mosque which is dilapidated and where the Prophet (pbuh) is reported to have performed Salah.

The site of this orchard in Google Maps is: 24.444633, 39.632633



The ruins of the mosque today














An old image of the mosque












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