Wife Issued Haj Visa, Husband Not as He Has a Foreign Passport

September 17th 2014 / News

british passportAs the Haj visa fiasco continues, pilgrims continue to face the uncertainties and trauma of going on the annual pilgrimage. According to members of the public who have contacted Haj & Umrah Complaints, the Saudi Embassy in London has now refused to issue Haj visas to anyone who has a non-British passport. Read the personal experience of one brother below for further details

Me and my wife have been planning for our first Hajj for many months now. We were initially destined to leave on the 1st of September, however no visas could be obtained. Our booking was then changed to 5th September, even then no visa was obtained. We then changed the booking to the 10th of September, even by then unfortunately a visa was not obtained. We were then advised to change it to 16th September. By this time my wife who has a local passport was granted a visa however I was not since I have a foreign passport. We are still waiting. Yesterday the embassy made a statement that they will not issue any visa’s to foreign passport holders. I am a resident of this country having been born and brought up here. Initially they did issue some visas to foreign passports however they have stopped now. 70% of people with my agent have foreign passports.

I do not understand how my wife could have been given a visa when I her mahram have not been granted one. Allah knows best. Request for lots of duas that all Hajis around the world stressed in this manner get there visa’s and Allah accepts them for Hajj.

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